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藍洞穴   Blue cave     08/2018



After the extraction from the leaves to Indigo, there is a group of elves lived in it. 

They give us different shades of blue depend on their mood, the temperature or season.

概念 | Concept




As you walk through the interwoven tunnel of indigo and white, feel the change brought on by the elves. 

Journey deeper into the blue cave to enter the indigo dye lodge where you can hand dye white fabric strip cut from old clothes.

Hang these to dry and pick up the strips already dyed by others to weave a collective piece of blue dyed cloth. 

This weaving will continue to develop with your participation to create a new carpet for the elves.

blue cave2.jpg
blue cave1.jpg
blue cave0.jpg
blue cave3.jpg
blue cave4.jpg
blue cave5.jpg

[ 藍洞穴 | Blue cave ]

客戶 Client | 南豐紗廠 The Mills

日期 Date | 08/2018

地點 Venue | 南豐紗廠 The Mills

尺寸Size | 3.7m x 3m x 5m

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